Recently this post about a Michigan cop going out & buying a mom a car seat rather than giving her a ticket for her 5 year old daughter not being in a car seat was being shared everywhere.
 Every one was applauding that he did bought the seat & didn't give the ticket, but I stood there applauding that he noticed she wasn't in the right seat!!
There are thousands of people getting seat belt tickets a day. I myself even got one when I had my seat belt on, but behind my shoulder. It is a rare occasion that a cop will look back & check to see if a child is belted properly, or even in the right car seat.
Its 2014. There is NO excuse. NONE. For you child to be in a car seat not strapped in properly. 
If you didnt know this & have been strapping them in wrong. ITS OK. You are NOT a bad parent. you don't know unless someone shows you.but if you know this & choose not to, remember this is your childs life. their LIFE. every time i buckle up my babies their life is in MY hands; not only behind the wheel while im driving but to be sure they are safe, if someone else hurts us behind their wheel!

I see SO many pictures of many unsafe babies/toddlers/children in carseat/sans car seats; & I want to comment SO badly. but i also know so many people can get on the defense about their parenting. so can I ask you a favor? if you have a few on your newsfeed that are unsafe, will you share this? hoping that parenting truly didn't know & you can educate them? YOU could save a childs life.

Lets start with the basics.
This is going to be a shocker, but the chest clip. Goes on their chest, NOT their belly, not their ribs.
car seat safety - chest clip

Next you will notice where the shoulder straps are..on the shoulders..
when the chest clip is down & strap are on their arms; literately your child can completely fly out of their seat if you were stop abruptly or be hit from behind. the belt is doing NO good.

We are coming up on cold weather. & it is unsafe for your child to be in a bulk coat in their car seat. On impact the coat completely compresses. so that space, no matter how tight you tighten the straps is like you didn't tighten it at all!
what wrong with a little space?
"the forces that your childs feels at a 30 mph crash are akin to jumping out a 3 story window and landing on the pavement" via 
so how do you keep your child warm?
We do a light fleece jacket.
Keep blankets in the car.
Or even more brilliantly but the coat on backward with the back open, like a snuggie.
Always keep on hats & gloves.
Does this make my time getting them in & out longer? more frustrating at times? Sure.
but my childs life is priceless. & I will take ALL the time i need getting them in & out to ensure they are safe.

Here is Kennedy with her coat on. i have tighten this til it couldn't be anymore.

When I take off the coat, the space in between her & the straps which is the space that will be there when in a crash could fit her sister in their with her.

Keep safe this winter, & ALL the time. 
Every time you buckle your child in, take the time.
this is their life. they are depending on you.