I had this post set for tomorrow.
But Santa made his appearance this evening & the shrills & screams of pure happiness compelled me to post it now for you all to enjoy a little earlier!
Everyone loves a good app! But then add in Christmas? You gotta love it!

I compiled a list of the best kid friendly Christmas apps!
Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Tree Decorator
this one we just found & the girls love. super simple & easy for them to do themselves.
Their nabi is the play store, i was unable to find on itunes but i found similar

Reindeer Cam
You maybe under a rock & never heard of this, & if you have its ok. Just get ready to blow your childs mind, & yours. This is app is a live feed from the "north pole" its starts November the 16th for Santa to come out & feed the reindeer & wave! There is 3 times a day he comes out & get your ear plugs because your children will scream for joy! You can view the reindeer now but santna doesnt start for a few days; although he made a quick appearance tonight!

Santas Calling
This is a good one for when the kids are just not listening or maybe they had a exceptionally good day. We have used this twice now & had great results with the girls going to bed & straightening up. First, I have to say when you first open the app thre will be an ad for other calls; just wait a second for the menu to start. Then you get to select between nice,warning & naughty call. Then select how long you want to wait for santa to call. Like 5 seconds til it rings. You press accept just like a real phone call & you hear a very nice message! Even the naughty call is very encouraging! LOVE it!
I couldnt find this one for Play store :(

Elf on the Shelf Snowball Fight
Are you elf crazy too? Here if your favorite Chippy & a super fun game! I even get into this one! Another easy one for toddler & they get such a kick out of it!!

Santa Tracker
& of cours every one need a Santa tracker app! This is great for Christmas Ever to see where Santa is when you can expect him at your house!