I have the cutest video to share of Kennedy opening her birthday present early.
I keep watching it over & over again, not because it is so cute & she is so excited but because I see something in her; she was grateful.

As a parent we are always wondering if we are doing the right thing. Will it stick? Is everything we are doing, molding them into the person you dream they will be?

One thing that is so important in raising our girls, is that they have grateful hearts.
It is no secret that these girls have everything they need. My husband works very hard to give us & more importantly our children the best that we are able to. But in all this "spoiling" I never wanted them to be "spoiled" or even put the "b" word at the end of that phrase. {brat is a bad word at our house}

I have gotten never ending compliments on our girls' politeness  & I smile from ear to ear when I don't have to remind them to say please or thank you.  But I was always wondering if it stuck. That they weren't just saying these things to say it, because thats what they were supposed to say. They are so young that right now yes thats why they were saying it. & there has been many meltdown for not getting that sucker at the grocery checkout lane.

But now just a day shy of being 4, I think Kennedy has it. Through learning this whole month about being grateful. I can see her thank you's are truly thanking us for what we are doing for her.

While I was setting up for her party she came into the living room & said "gosh this looking amazing, thank you so much for my party" & continued to say for each thing I was making. Then last night, she got to open a early birthday girl. One she had REALLY wanted. & as she opened I could tell with each "I love all this stuff guys, thank you so much" She was grateful, truly grateful.

& after the last couple of months of having just some tough tough momma days, I can see it. I can see all the work paying off. All the "what do you say", the explaining why daddy is at work, & putting up each thankful hand this week about our home, food & clothes. I can see it.
 I can see their grateful hearts, & it makes my heart so grateful God has given me ability to do this. 
& that my friends will be my thankful hand today.

kennedy opening her birthday present ma thing AG outfits from Tara Mumaw on Vimeo.