Have you noticed the new name?
Ive been struggling with a new name for quite some time!
I love "our journey" it explains perfectly what this blog was all about for over 2 years.
But now part of my healing, is really starting to move on from our heartache.
Even though its "over" sometimes it really isn't.
&  I want to make strides for it not to effect me the way has in my day to day life.
I want to enjoy "every thing" get it?
Not just a big stuff like a birthday & not just the little stuff like the way kennedy & kensley will randomly say I love you.
 I want to enjoy every.single.thing.
& part of that sometimes was robbed by that journey we went on.
Yes it is very much apart of me. The wounds are still there. Sometime they still ache. & because of those wounds I now have a beautiful family. 
So now? Now its time to wrap up my wounds & let them heal. 
There will be a scar, but i'm tired of hurting.
To which I bring you..

The every things.