any attention big sister will give you
playing castle & princess with kennedy
bathtime, recently standing up in it & bounching up & down
mac & cheese -- hands down your fave
mickey mouse
playing your piano
cooking/playing on the play kitchen
mommys iphone

getting dress
getting your diaper change
pretty much anything that involves you NOT being naked you hate
when Mommy makes dinner , you stand at the gate & SCREAM the whole time
when sister doesn't give you attention
when the dogs like your face
getting buckled in your car seat
you eat everything we eat, well have been for awhile now
you are cruising along the furniture
tonight 2/11/13 you stood up unassisted & just walked several steps down the hallway- you sat down & wont do it again
you say: mama, dada, hi, eye {bye}
& mimicking noise like: moo, whoa, growling noise, & the word mickey
you give kisses
your nursing less & less each day
\you clap & play paddy-cake