Its FREEZING today. & we have cabin fever, I am constatly looking for good, cheap fun on the weekend to spend time as a family!
This was so fun & cost me maybe 5 bucks!

What you need:
Box of Cornstrach/Corn Flour 16oz {or more if you are making a big batch"
Can of Shaving cream {11 oz}
plastic container {i used a GLAD reuseable long dish}
clothing {optional, haha}
I suggest doing it on a non carpet surface, we did it on the kitchen floor with a sheet down & still made a massive mess!
It was worth it though!

Just mix equal parts of both corn starch & shaving cream!
Its that easy!
The moon sand doesn't stick to your hands & is mold able!

Kid approved.
Momma: Kennedy did you like the moon sand?
Kennedy: YES YES YES accompanied by toddler victory dance