For the past 4 year we have been going to the same Christmas tree farm!
I only have pictures from the last 3 :(
You go & find your tree & cut it down yourself
this little old couple who owns it sits in their little camper & come out & take a picture of you with your tree so you can come back the following tree to see it!
When we got out of the truck the old man went to the albums, & found out picture just by seeing us! Its so neat & such a fun tradition!
We always go the sunday after Thanksgiving but it was raining  so we went this past sunday! 
It was WET the water was past my ankles & soaked thru my boots to my socks! YUCK!
We left bug in the truck since it was so cold & she was out cold {she is STILL sick}
Anyway here is the past 3 years!
notice how I get fatter with each year haha & some how managed the both of us to wear something the same!