How far along? 37 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: lord, i don't even want to know.

Sleep:  mm 20 mins a night? & maybe a nap if I am lucky

Food cravings: making pumpkin bread this evening. it sounded delish.

Best moment this week: got THEE cutest ralph lauren dress (one of my fav desingers) for drum roll please TEN DOLLARS! normally 40! so whoop whoop! Her RL collection is still small but growing :)
This is the dress but in pink! it comes with a diaper cover as well! & the horse is in a different spot it is up where it would be on a polo, which is why it was on sale instead of on the pocket like the picture. odd, but saved money in pocket :)
we also did alllll of the paper work you usually do when you first come in for delivery! Including her birth certificate & social security number paperwork, just had to leave the date & time blank! Brandon was smiling from EAR TO EAR. So adorable. 

Movement: still pretty painful, i have to push in her body parts which frequently

Labor Signs: 2 1/2 cm dilated & head stationed as of last thursday! & barely any contractions this week. Will update with dilation & what not tomorow after my appt.

Gender: pretty pretty princess

Stretchies: i dont even want to talk about it.

Belly Button in or out? not quite out but you can see it pokin thru my shirt!

What I miss: SLEEP!

What I am looking forward to: Her arrival anytime now!!!!

Symptoms: everything. if it is a symptom of pregnancy i have it at this point haha

Milestones: making it another week!!

Weekly wisdom:  when having back  and pelvic pain, getting on your knees and forearms spreading your legs open shoulder-width relieves alot of pain (not as much as I would hope, but for those that haven't had a baby stationed for weeks, it would probably be more beneficial)  as well as "baby pose" for yoga. 

Emotions: happy, ecstatic, exhausted