So I have to turn in my official birthplan on Thursday! I had already written for Brandon to cut the cord (I had just assumed this was a given), & when I was reading it to him. He kinda gave a funny look. & I asked what? Do you not want to? & he replies "uhh, I don't know" but he wouldn't answer why he didn't know if he was going to. I talked to my mom about it & she said she wanted to do it then. So today, I went & visited him at work to eat lunch & told him that my mom said she would if didn't want to. He had this huge fit, then finally told me why he didn't know. The poor man thinks he is going to hurt her. I couldn't help but giggle but felt so bad about it. I told him he def wouldn't be hurting her & there is a small chance he wouldn't even be able to with the cord being around her neck.

So my question is to my preggy friends, if your husband nervous about cutting the cord & I am werid for assuming all husbands/partners are automatically going to want to do it?