Well, my weekend was full of contractions & a few this week so far! Very scary. Since they are not close enough together my dr wants to see my next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which honestly freaks me out! He said he doesn't want to mess around "down there" and stir up the membranes that will make me go into labor? But if I get more, more close together go straight to Labor & delivery! Im not ready for her to come yet :S im so scared of her being in the NICU it is all i dream/nightmare about. Last night it seemed so real I woke up & my first thought was to hurry & get dressed to go to the hospital! I have only had 2 today, which put me at ease.

On a less frantic note, we moved up my baby shower date because of all this & dr has "money" on her coming early. So we spent a day registering while i was having contraction, it was actually kinda funny. Brandon litterly scanned everything that said dad & daddy on it, it was adorable. I will leave you wish this weeks bump picture!

xoxo, Tara