Tuesday I lost my mucus plug, not even 3 mins later i was having contractions about 10 mins apart. Dr my dr still did not want to see me because people can lose their plug and go into labor several weeks later & I had a apt Thursday. Yesterday only a few contractions I thought they had subsided. Today I went into for my apt. he wanted to check to see if i was dilated just to make sure I wasn't going into anything pre-maturely. And he gets quite and explains he cant even feel my cervix because the babies head is down so far. He explains to me, that i will be given a steriod shot to help mature her lungs and another tomorrow to help boost it. & calmly says I would give your water about 1-2 weeks before it breaks. And if it doesnt we will do a ultrasound to see how she is (he doesnt think she is growing properly) and if she isnt we will do a c-section because she will be better outside my tummy.

He says the steriods should mess up my contraction but doesnt want to anything dramstic because he knew she was going to come early and we should let nature do its "thing". His calmness makes me want to kick him in the head. So we wait.