How Far Along: 26-28 weeks. I think im going to stick with less of them all. They i dont get as anxious. I just wish they would give me one day & stick with it!

How Big is The Baby:  as big as a eggplant! :)

Total Weight Gain: I am just going to leave this out until I actually gain something. 

Maternity Clothes:  Still just my short; i want to get some shirts tho. My shirts are getting to short.

Sleep:  sleep?? ! I get up every few hours with her punching or kicking or something. Dr said she is actually already creating a sleeping schedule right now, so Im getting my practice. Luckily, Ive never been on to need sleep or like it really. So you can find me moping the kitchen floor at 4 in the morning until she goes to sleep and stopps kicking haha

Gender: GIRLL! :)

Movement: All the time! You can see it on the outside now, so creepy but so cool!

Food Cravings: nothing really.

What I Miss: nothing right now, my back has been so much better. So, I really just miss the more frequent dr visits! :(

What I'm looking forward to: hearing her heartbeat again, after our last scare I just crave it. & a girl I know not very close with just friendly acquaintance, she just had her baby at 36 weeks and he was still born. She had not felt him in 24 hrs (like i had) and there was a knot in the cord, and had to go thru labor and everything. I just can not imagine getting that far and that happening. I almost want to get a doppler because of it

Milestones:  She responds the the flashlight on my tummy now :)

Is it selfish that I want to be bigger? No one can tell I am pregnant. & it makes me so depressed. I know I should just be happy I am pregnant and gotten this far. I just wish I could show it off ya know? With the types of shirts I wear you can not tell what so ever I am pregnant, If i am at home wearing a tighter shirt for cleaning you can, but looks like a beer belly. Is it sad I find myself pushing out my stomach and leaning backward in public just to show a little? Brandon laughs at me and assures me that I will "pop" soon. And I hate the people that say you are so lucky I hated having a belly or once you get it you will hate it. NO NO NO, I want it all. BLAHH.