We love fires, in the summer & in the fall. 
With fire automatically means smores...amirite?
We also have a wood burning fireplace & make smores on nights like game night for a fun snack.
What can I say, we just really love smores! ha!
It's such a pain to round everything up all the time. Or get the kids excited for smores, & be short something because you used to bake something else.
Cue a smores kit! This is could also be such a great gift to a friend or teacher!

What do you need?

First, your going to need a container! Baskets work great, but so do any other type of tub. You could even use some kind of Tupperware if you found one big enough!

Next, you will need:

- Graham Cracker {we even stick in vanilla ones for different flavors}
Marshmallows {you can keep them in the bag or in a jars}
Chocolate {obvs, you need the classic Hersey's bar, but I recommend trying Reese's too!}
Wipes {because when you eat smores, I don't care how old you are..they are messy}
Bug Spray {this maybe regional, but as soon as the sunsets the mosquitoes are out in full force, be prepared!}
*Not Pictured roasting forks, retractable ones are great to keep in the baskets!

If you make your own kit or basket, make sure you send it to me so I can see!