Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beckett Wesley

He's here!
There is something about when your friend has a child. Particually your very best friend.
The love that I have this child is much like the love I have for my own.
He is so perfect.
Red curly hair like Mom & Dad.
But the part I love most? He has his mommas nose & lips.

Welcoming life is just
The little bassinet, the little stripped hat, the tiny mittens so they dont scratch their faces.
Those hospital rooms hold so many stories, stories of such joy, yet fear.
I will always remember who visited me at the hospital, who stayed, who held my daughters during those first days of their life.
I hope when Shelby looks back at the day her son was born, she can remember the feeling that I did looking at the people that love her, & most importantly that baby.
I hope I captured that for her.

You did it, Shelbs.
So proud of you.


  1. So sweet! I love the name Beckett. Congratulations to your friends!

  2. He really is cute, and the photos are beautiful


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