Ive had lots of emails & comments about the things I do with Kennedy for "school"
I decided to post so everyone can see & do too if you want!
All of this is stuff I learned in school {i studied early childhood development} & was a pre school teacher for many years, or off website I have found while googling {ei: toddler fine moto skill activites, toddler montessori ect.}
I will try to post one every Friday. Some maybe Montessori inspiried some may not!
I really believe that we are our childs bigget teachers.
Did you know the first 5 years of a child life the most rapid? & the brain grows by 85%?{,- read that link} That alone, since the girls, mostly kennedy for right now; aren't in daycare I knew I needed to step in.
This first one is a mix of letters, colors & shapes.
What you will need:
-Smock, old t-shirt, or like us just go shirtless ;)
-I used these dot worksheets from Tot School, you can always make your own; I donated to the nice momma for making these for all to use! She also has lower case.
-Right now we are working on recongition of ABC.
- COLOR: I have her use whatever color I write on the bottom
-SHAPES: the dots are circles, talk about that!
-COUNTING: this is optional, I encourage her to count the circles while she doting
-FINE MOTOR SKILLS: this isnt for all, depending on skills of your tot, screwing & unscrewing the dot-a-dot caps!
First, Show your toddler how do it. Doting just a few for them.
Then let them take over.
Just remember, there is no certain way to do this.
They are learning, so they dont have to do it in order.
They will also be learning the pressure. The harder they push, the most paint comes out & vice versa!

If they can't unscrew the cap, dont worry.
Its a toughy to learn!
Show them how you do it everytime you take it off & put it back on!
& have them try!
They will get it soon enough!

If you found this helpful, please feel free to PIN this for others to use as well!