Friday, December 16, 2011

incompetent cervix

Today was my appt with the ultrasound tech to check my cervix again
they do it with a trans-vaginal ultrasound since a internal exam by my dr could disrupt membranes ect
anyway I am still a fingertip dilated which I have been from the start of the pregnancy so this is great
My dr & I with brandon have sat down & done alot of reasearch & with the new research done there is alot that has said that cerclage isnt the best option anymore & alot of time 85% the woman would have gotten however far in her pregnancy with out one.
On top of that, it something OBs are just throwing out & over using now-a-days

So I have gotten TONS of questions about how all this applies to me
I have a incompetent cervix meaning :Cervical incompetence is a medical condition in which a pregnant woman's cervix begins to dilate (widen) and efface (thin) before her pregnancy has reached term. Internal os opening more than 1 cm is abnormal and cervical length less than 2 cm is considered diagnostic. Cervical incompetence may cause miscarriage or preterm birth during the second and third trimesters.

Also I didn't have this with Kennedy, during my post op is when I learned that my tissue was pretty much discenergrating giving me the incomptent cervix. Which is why they gave me the deadline of August to be able to give birth with any hope of a successful delivery.
There is something called a TRUE incompetent cervix which I do not have. This is when you pretty much with out warning can feel your baby head between your legs & will give birth SOON without any notice.
I am have a weakened incompetent cervix! I am in the middle on the scale of prone to preterm labor & true incompetent cervix.
So I am always a fingertip dilated which my dr is not concerned about. What I have to watch for is not over doing it & watching my braxton hicks & contractions; within one to two contractions I can go from a fingertip to 8cm in a matter of mins; which we NOW know is one of the reasons for my just under 4 hour labor with kennedy.

Throwing a cerclage in my cervix I could do & hope for the best. 
But I am the best advocate for me & my baby & the risks I am not willing to take. With all my research, & my drs & his knowledge we are going to prolong this as much a possible so i will have my cervix checked every few weeks & inbetween them I will really need to be intouch with my body & baby!
If you have any other questions please let me know, I have no problem answering them!


  1. What a wonderful post! I bet others will find this helpful, informative, and comforting.
    I started dilating at about 20 weeks with Elliot (well, I suppose it could have been sooner, but they never did an internal exam until then). It makes me wonder if it was related to his birth defect, or if it will happen again this time. All I know is, I DEFINITELY cannot go on bed rest this time, with a toddler to take care of!
    I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. Hey!! You've been tagged!


    Wanted to share this article with you. I do not blog but I love reading yours and my heart goes out to you.
    No matter what happens during your pregnancy your baby is giving so much back to you even after it is born.


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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