The Ultimate 90's Family Movie List 
to watch with your kids

I don't know if it's the nostalgia or the fact that any movies that recently came out are re-makes but, 90's movies are just the best! Can't you agree? Are you having trouble figuring out what 90's movies to show your own kids? I got you covered! I bet you some of these will spark you remembering a movie you had forgotten all about!

My favorite thing about showing these movies to our girls is them seeing the technology & fashion. Some, actually a lot you can see making its rounds again. So many of them have the wholesome feel-good, predictable, Full House Tanner family value that makes it's appearance at the end & I just love that!

This list took me HOURS. There are over 100 movies for the, if I do say so myself, best 90's movies for kids list, ever!

Don't look too much into the exact dates. Some of these aren't exactly 90's movies, they are roundabout though. I didn't search every single one of their release dates. But if you remember one of these, more than likely remember them all even if they are a year or two off!

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Now, there are plenty of other movies I could have added, but I really want to pick ones that most households would allow their kiddos to see.

90's movies rating note:
Let me preface, as someone that found out the hard way. Movie ratings were very much different than they once were. As was the humor. I don't know how many times I have turned on one of the movies I remember adoring & be blown away by innuendos & language! Luckily, as oblivious as I was watching as kid so were mine. However, if you are worried make sure you check out the movies on CommonSenseMedia to ensure it is appropriate for your household!

Here we go, in order what so ever but how they came up in my head:
Although, I am partial to anything has John Candy. Goldie Hawn, Johnathon Taylor Thomas & the Olsen twins in them... ;)

1. Richie Rich {PG}
2. Little Giants {PG}
3. Matilda {PG}
4. Home Alone {PG}
5. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids {PG}
6. Space Jam {PG}
7. The Big Green {PG}
8. Pippy Long Stocking {G}
9. Mighty Ducks {PG}
10. Angels Outfield {PG}

11. Cool Runnings {PG}
12. Homeward Bound {G}
13. Stuart Little {PG}
14. Free Willy {PG}
15. Harriet the Spy {PG}
16. Rookie of the Year  {PG}
17. The Sandlot {PG}
18. Little Rascals {PG}
19. Blank Check {PG}
20. Babe {G}
21. Gordy {G}

22. Beethoven {PG} 
23. The Flintstones {PG}
24.Ghostbusters {PG}
24. Hook {PG}
25. Shiloh {PG}
26. Money Trouble {PG}
27. Casper {PG}
28. Parent Trap {PG}
29. My Girl 
30. It Takes TWO {PG}

31. Dunten Checks In {PG}
32. Andre {PG}
33. 3 Ninjas {PG}
34. Heavyweights {PG}
35. Secret Garden {PG}
36. The Little Princess  {PG}
37. Baby's Day Out {PG}
38. The Brave Little Toaster {G}
39. E.T. {PG}
40. Curly Sue {PG}

41. Milo & Otis {G}
42. Jumanji {PG}
43. Indian in the Cupboard {PG}
44. Iron Giant {PG}
45. Man of the House {PG}
46. Tom & Huck {PG}
47. Jungle 2 Jungle {PG} 
48. Mrs. Doubtfire {PG-13}
49. Karate Kid {PG} 
50. Father of the Bride {PG}
51. Dennis the Menace {PG}

52. All Dogs Go To Heaven {G}
53. The Borrowers {PG}
54. Mouse Hunt {PG}
55. George of the Jungle {PG}
56. A Goofy Movie {G}
57. The Beverly Hillbillies {PG}
58. Flubber {PG}
59. The Land Before Time {G}
60. Kindergarten Cop {PG-13}
61. Problem Child {PG}

62. Never Ending Story {PG}
63. Simon Birch {PG}
64. Uncle Buck {PG}
65. Jurassic Park {PG-13}
66. Jack {PG-13}
67. Now & Then {PG-13}
68. Sister Act {PG}
70. Beverly Hills Family Robinson {PG}
71. Ever After {PG}
72. Dr. Dolittle {PG-13}

73. Trading Mom {PG}
74. The BabySitters Club {PG}
75. Wild America {PG}
76. Fly Away Home {PG}
77. Troop Beverly Hills {PG}
78. House Arrest {PG}
79. The Out-of-Towners {PG-13}
80. The Money Pit {PG}
81. Overboard {PG}
82. Housesitter {PG}

83. A League of their Own
84. Fried Green Tomatoes {PG-13}
85. Madeline {PG}
86. Baby Boom {PG}
87. That Thing You Do {PG}
88. Three Men and a Baby {PG}
89. Mr. Magoo {PG}
90. No More Baths {G}
91. The ButterCream Gang {G}
92. Little Women {PG}

93. Blast From The Past {PG-13}
94. Paulie {PG}
95. The Miracle Worker {G}
96. The Face on a Milk Carton 
97. A Kid in King Arthurs Court {PG}
98. BIG {PG}
99. Airbud {G}
100. My Dog Skip {PG}
101. We're Back {PG}
102. Anastasia {PG}

103. Good Burger {PG}
104. Getting Even with Dad {PG}
105. Black Beauty {G}
106. Far From Home {PG}
107. Pinocchio {PG}
108. Inspector Gadget {PG}
109. My Favorite Martian {PG}
110. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West {G}
111. Carpool {PG}
112. Delirious {PG}

Which was your favorite? Is there one I missed?! Let me know!