16 Family-Friendly Shows

We really are trying to make the best out of the time we have been dealt together as a family.
Our screentime rules have been bent a little during this time. As I am sure many have.

 Anyone have a favorite show & the day the new episode comes on is so fun & you kind of look forward to it? I had a thought that that would be a fun thing to start as a whole family. Kinda like how my girls look forward to Friday for family game/movie night! 

We started last year watching American Idol together & it became a fun thing to look forward to as a whole family. So, I thought I would put together a list of some family-friendly shows everyone can watch together! Some of these shows we watched together on Sundays & some are new finds!

For the show's that full seasons are uploaded, watch as if it isn't & watch one or two episodes a week to save yourself from staying in front TV binging!

1. BE OUR CHEF {Disney +}
This is a new show to Disney +. We are looking forward to each new episode! If your family loves cooking shows, this is for you! It is a family cooking show that is Disney themed. Families compete against one another to win a Disney Cruise vacation! The challenges are all, of course, Disney themed!

Like I said above, we started watching this last year as a family! We had a blast watching the auditions. Then picking our favorite to see who would make it week after week! You can watch it live on Sunday on ABC or watching episodes from this season or past on Hulu.

Hear me out! I promise it isn't just my children that are obsessed with this era & this show! It such a great wholesome show! I think you will be surprised how into it your kids will get & you, yourself too! This show I feel like you really have to give it a chance & wait a little into the episode to get into it!

I am not sure if this show even needs describing? I feel like everyone knows what it is! I didn't think I would like this show years ago, but it turns out I as well as the whole family, get VERY into it! The show is men & women from all walks of life pursue their dream of reaching Mount Midoriyama on the world's most notorious obstacle course! 

5. FULL HOUSE { Hulu}
Everyone loves the Tanner Family! Bring back some memories for yourself & rewatch the entire series from the beginning with your kiddos! I much prefer this to the newer version, Fuller House on Netflix.

6. CHOPPED {Food Network}
Really about any show on the Food Network my kids' love. Chopped is by far their favorite. Even if you think, food shows aren't your thing... give this show a try! It is a competition show where contestants are giving a basket full of ingredients & they have to make a meal from it. They are then judged by their product & every round someone is "chopped" til they are down to the winner! We like to predict who is going to win every round together as a family! It makes it even more fun! There is also a Chopped Junior series! Also suggest any of the seasonal baking championships, Guy's Grocery Games & Master Chef shows!

Watch 2 special effects experts, methodically set out to bust urban legends! This is so fun to watch as a family, that everyone including Dad, will get into!

I know so many people think this show is outdated, but my girls LOVE this show.  & it will make you feel like your kid again, too! On Sundays, this generally their show of choice to watch their episode. We started & suggest the 90's episodes! Our favorite episodes are the field trip episodes where they watch something be made or visit places!

9. HOW IT'S MADE {Hulu}
It may be just my kiddos, but they love seeing how things are made! This show has a huge variety of things to watch being made! It's also nice because mine are always asking how things are made, so I will look for an episode for them to watch! 

10. NAILED IT {Netflix}
A different kind of cooking show as it's a comedy show. It challenges average at-home cooks to re-create professionally made novelty desserts that end up with hilariously disastrous results! Everyone is pretty much set up to fail! Lots of laughs from this one!

11. THE WHO WAS? {Netflix}
Have you seen these books before? More than likely your child has brought one home! This is a show set up like a sketch comedy series that cast teens as historical subjects! It isn't full of educational content, but it makes the idea of learning history fun with jokes, silly songs & satire! If they haven't read the books, this might encourage them to check them out!

12. MINUTE TO WIN IT { Netflix }
This one may result in your kiddos wanting to do some of these games, which may be a great way to pass the time! Contestants have to compete against one another to complete a challenge in less than a minute to win 1 million dollars! They seem like easy things to do, but they end up being much harder with so much on the line in a short amount of time!

This is a show where the host shares her passion for crafting with young families in a series of Disney-inspired DIY projects! This might also spark some ideas to do as a family together at home! We loved the Winnie the Pooh Flowerpots & Ratatouille chef hats!

I couldn't wait to watch Bob Saget every Friday night with my family! Bob Saget may not be the host anymore, but I still love this show! There is nothing more fun than laughing at funny videos together!

Non-Series Must Watch Family Shows:

This isn't an ongoing series, but a great doc to watch as a family. It is about 2 Nat Geo journalist traveling the Grand Canyon through the seasons. It's riveting & also educational about the commercialization of the Grand Canyon & how it is affecting the Navajo Indians. 

15. DOLPHIN REEF  {Disney +}
Another new Disney + show. The narration of this show was amazing to keep kids entertained. At one point, Kennedy even said "I like that they are talking in ways we can understand". It is a story of Echo the baby Dolphin & his journey to learn to be without his mother. It also branches into different other animal stories like a humpback whale & an OCD neat freak crab! 

16. OUR PLANET {Netflix}
Apparently, we really like nature docs? Hopefully, you all will or will end up loving them too! This one if an amazing documentary of the beauty of the world & the impacts happening as the climate is changing!