Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Scavenger Hunt at Home

The weather is getting better everyday & we are spending so much time outside! We are also taking lots of walks to get out of the house & get our legs moving. I had bought a scavenger hunt for kids paper pack from Target, which the girls loved! They wanted to do more so I decided to come up with some scavenger hunt ideas to make some for them & share them all with you! I made some so you can do the scavenger hunt at home in your backyard or as you go on a walk! Just remember to keep with social distancing during this time!

*TIP: After you print the lists, put them on clipboards to help check off the items!*

Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Scavenger Hunt at Home

I hope this spices up your time outside with your kiddos & gives them something to do!
You can always make it a game & give a treat to the first person that finds everything!

*NOTE the bear in the window is because of the "I'm going on a Bear Hunt" trend that hit social media during the COVID. We have so many homes participating but if no one is near you, you can cross that one off*
Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Scavenger Hunt at Home