What are the ride height requirements at Disney World? Is your child tall enough?

Nothing is more disappointing than getting your kiddo pumped for a ride at Disney World & them not being tall enough!

I made 2 Disney World ride height requirement list guides to help you figure out what your kiddo can & can not ride depending on their height. This will help to prepare them so they know ahead of time & you can let them down easy!  

What's even worst is getting a great fast pass & it going to waste because you got to the ride during your trip & your kiddos can't ride!

Remember there is "rider switch" available if adults or older children want to go on a ride but you have someone in your party that can not. You can find out more about & how to use it HERE.

For us, it has become a fun game to look forward to what rides the girls can ride by each trip! Our 2018 trip, Kensley could finally ride Space Mountain & it was such a huge thing for her & our family to be able to all ride at the same time! We had so much fun celebrating!

I have seen lots of "hacks" on how to alter shoes or buy certain shoes to make your kid a certain height. I urge you to please not do this. The height requirements aren't to punish or have anything to do with age. They are made to make sure your child is safe during the ride. If your child isn't actually the height requirement they aren't buckled & secured properly like they should be.

The great thing about Disney World is there is a TON of rides that don't require any height. The comparison with a height requirement to not is huge! So, they may miss out on a certain ride they certainly won't be missing out on any fun!

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How tall does my child have to be to ride, rides at Disney World?

Here we go, what rides can my child ride at Disney World?

Disney World Ride Height Requirements by Park at Glance:

Disney World Ride Height Requirements as of February 2020
will update after new rides come out this year!

disney world ride height requirement list
Disney world ride height requirement list

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Disney World Rides With No Height Requirements by Park at Glance:

Disney World ride list with no height requirement 

Hopefully this Disney World ride height chart is useful in planning your trip & fast passes.