How does Rider Switch at Disney World work?

All of our trips thus far have been with young children. Our first trip as a family, our oldest was 6 months old. So every time we go they are growing more and more. We are just now finally to the point that my youngest is almosttttt by a hair tall enough for Rockin Roller Coaster, which is the tallest requirement at Disney World.

Sometimes you may have other child/children that want to ride, rides that the youngest can't. Or maybe Mom or Dad want to ride & can't because the kiddos can't or someone in your party for various reasons. 

Because Disney World is amazing, they have a solution.

Enter Rider Switch.

      Want to know what rides your child can ride according to        their height?        

What is Rider Switch at Disney World?

It is a great service Disney World offers that allows guests to take turns waiting with younger children or Guests unable to ride.

Here's how Rider Switch works:

 So you have a ride you don't want to miss out on but someone in your party can't ride, doesn't want to or doesn't meet the height requirements, no problem! Rider Switch is when one adult can wait with a non-rider{s} while the others wait in line & go on the ride. Then, when the others return they can stay with the non-rides and the adult can go to the ride and not have to wait in the line & immediately gets to go on the ride!

What rides can you use Rider Switch on?

Rider Switch is available at all 4 Disney World theme parks. But, it is not available at every ride.

At the end of this post, I will put a list of the rides currently offering it.

How to use Rider Switch:

First, you want to check with Cast member you see at the kiosk as you approach the ride. You can find them where you would enter the queue or scan your magic band for your fast pass. & make sure the Rider Switch is available at that ride. You need your entire party with you when you arrive. Just one adult can not go & get the Rider Switch pass. 

Then, the adult & guests that are not riding will get a Rider Switch ticket, & then they are asked to sit in a designated area, this is usually just outside the ride.

Once you do that, those riding the ride will go. After riding the ride, they go where the other party is waiting & takes over watching the non-riders while the adult that was waiting goes onto the ride with no wait!

But, both of us wanted to ride with our older child!

When we took our oldest on Space Mountain, when our youngest could, we both wanted to experience her first time riding it. The rider switch allows you to bring up to 2 people back to ride with you. But do know, that only 3 guests are allowed per Rider Switch ticket.

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Which rides offer Rider Switch:

Magic Kingdom --
Big Thunder Mountain
7 Dwarves Mine Train
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain

Epcot --
Frozen Ever After
Mission: Space
Test Track

Hollywood Studios--
Alien Swirling Saucers
Rock n' Roller Coaster
Slinky Dog Dash
Star Tours
Tower of Terror

Animal Kindom--
Flight of Passage
Expedition Everest
Kali River Rapids