What I am Loving Wednesday 2/19/2020

Every other Wednesday I will be sharing some things I am loving, it could range from clothes to makeup, to food or a TV show... pretty much anything! I will show everything on my Instagram {@mrsmumaw} stories then round them all up here for you to look back at & get links!

If you have been around for a while, you know I used to do these back when blogging had link ups! They are so fun & I hope everyone loves them too!

To shop you can click on each numbered item, or they are all available in icons below!

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*If it is bothering you that, that dresser drawer isn’t all the way pushed in, it is me too.😫😫😫*

This one was going to be part of my favorites, even though I DO love it. But, I was wearing it in IG stories today & everyone loved it! Perfect for any Gilmore Girls lover!

These tread closely to being a design dupe, which is not my thing. However, I thought it was just enough difference I would try them out! They are a super cute casual shoe. I wore them all day at Kennedy Space Center during our vacation a week ago! They run true to size, but if in-between sizes or you have a wider foot, go up a half a size! They have stars on the top on the toe as well.

3. The Croc Bag
So, these bags are NOT made by croc but yall had fun in my DMs asking if it was by them! These bags are amazing & I can't recommend them enough.
The yellow bag is a smaller & more budget-friendly option!
The green is the smaller of the two Bogg Bag sizes! You can't go wrong with either.
I take these to the beach, to ballet, to well anywhere! We even put snacks in one for in the car. & I love carrying my laptop in it with other stuff when we are on the go!

4. Blind Love
Have ya'll watched this on Netflix yet?
I am obsessed. If you haven't watched The Circle yet, def do that. It reminds me of that show but about dating! Nick Lachey & his wife host it. I am only 2 episodes in {Brandon went on without me} but it's just enough drama & fun for me to love it! Very Bravo-y show! 

This thing was a lifesaver on vacation! I love sunglasses & always have a million cases floating around. This worked great to house a lot of sunglasses in my bag & suitcase & kept them safe!

I can't take myself seriously in this photo! I love eye masks. I have a hard time sleeping, & masks always help me fall asleep. Ever since I got eyelash extensions I can't use them though. Well, I found this mask that has a sort of cup so no pressure is on your eyes or lashes! We all keep joking it looks like a toddler bra though when it is laying out! LOL

I really love gloss, but 90% of the time I am not done up enough to feel like gloss goes. This balm is technically a lip plumper. I didn't buy it because of that, but I wouldn't hate if it did plump a little. I still can't fully tell if it does but I love it because it puts a nice shine without being glossy & it puts the best natural tin on your lips! It adjusts to your lip color. I'll put the examples below of different skin tones. I have the "Big O" color!

I have always kept ticket stubs & wristbands. I never had a good way to store them & I really liked the idea of somehow displaying them! I put this memory box on our hall wall that features all of our travel pictures. Well, it supposed to. I haven't finished it ha! There is a little slot on top to put them in!

This is actually for an RV or car of sort sticker map! I am going to also put it in the hall & fill in the states as we visit them! I just have to find a frame that fits it yet! I love the state's fonts & graphics!

10. Sand Free Blanket
I had to round this to an even number so I also added the link to the sand free blanket because I have gotten a lot of requests to share that again. We left it at the house we stayed at in Florida so I couldn't show it in stories.

Hope everyone likes this new little series! See you next week!