Visiting The Magic House in St. Louis

The Magic House provided us with tickets to museum for our trip. Thank you so much to them! We had a blast! All thoughts and opinions are of my own. Thank you for supporting my family!

Where to start!
A visit to The Magic House needs to be on your "must-do" list!

This children's museum in a giant house, each room filled with something different & exciting!

My girls had a blast, but I feel like this place is right up any toddlers alley! 

Who need's the stairs here?
There is a giant beanstalk that your children can climb to get up or down to the floors you are visiting! It was so much fun for the girls!

As of this post {March 2019} they have a exhibit featuring PBS' Splash & Bubbles! A favorite with my girls! They loved keeping the kelp forrest; where they picked up foam balls & thew them away. Playing with the puppets was also a favorite in this room!

They have a fun government section. You can go into the oval office & supreme court!

Make sure you look for the fun activity with stamps for learning the branches & symbols of the government!

The China exhibit was another hit! The girls cared for pandas &  Kennedy even wrote some!

Did I mention they have an entire room dedicated to bubbles?

The hands on learning is crazy here! Each room had books that went along with theme & so much info.

The biggest hit with my girls was the Children's Village.
It's an entire town that let's your child try a career in each section!
The faves here were the vet, grocery store & librarian! 

This stop is at least a half day trip! So much fun, & so much learning all packed into one. I am only wishing we had one closer!