The Gateway Arch provided our family with tickets to visit during our trip. Thank you so much to them for having us! All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for reading & supporting my family!

Visiting the Gateway Arch with Kids 

The Gateway Arch is the icon of St. Louis!
It's breathtaking just how large it is in person! Who knew a silver looking arch would be so beautiful! I hadn't realized it is actually a national monument!

Because it is a National Park, we were able to get a stamp in our National Parks Passport for the Arch & the trails! THIS is the passport we use. It is such a fun thing to do with your family as you travel!

They also have a Junior Ranger program. You complete the activies & you can earn a Junior Ranger badge!

I also didn't realize you can go up IN the thing! That's right. Up in the 630 ft arch!

When preparing for your visit here are few things you should know.

The tickets can go pretty fast. It is best to reserve & buy them online before your trip. You pick your time & it will help to make sure you are there about an hour before your scheduled time.
That will give you time to go to will call & go through security. 

If you are extremely claustrophobic I wouldn't say this is going to be the thing for you. I feel as though I am tid bit claustrophobic but I didn't have troubles. 

In the lobby they have a pod that you can try out to see what it's like.

It is SMALL. Our family of 4 was sitting knee to knee. They told us the ride up was 4 mins & the ride down was quicker at 3 mins. I wasn't counting but I felt as though it was much faster.

Waiting to get into your pod is much like a airport. You are assigned a terminal when you get your tickets. Then you watch the board for your acceptance ticket time. You get in line, watch a short video, take a photo then head to the loading dock.

The photo included 3 prints & digital file for $29.

At the top you walk at an incline because you are at the curve of the arch. When looking out the windows you lean over. It made my stomach a little jumpy, but Brandon {who is scared of heights} & the girls had no problems. Once you are up, you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

One side is the view of the Mississippi River & the other side a city with the perfect view of Cardinals Stadium.

If you have fears, I still encourage you to try this. It was so much fun & the experience is worth it! I think all of your worries will be worth it when you get to the top!

After you're done, check out the museum. Lots of other historic things to check out!

Make sure you take lots of pictures! It makes for perfect photo ops!