What a weekend!!
We had so much & it was so nice to have Daddy home for a "real" weekend! Those glimpses of how normal families have it always nice every once in awhile ;)

We spent pretty much the whole weekend at the campground! We dont have a "new" camper yet, but while we were looking my mom liked one we were looking at; so we are using their old on in the mean time! It is so so much smaller than our old one, but it does the job!

On Saturday my cousin & his family came to visit & that was wonderful! We always love when we get to see them!

Every fourth of July isnt completely without tons of sparklers, of course!!


Kennedy was killing me with her expressions here!

This is my cousins little girl, my girls just adore her!

& we ended ths weekend with a trip to the zoo!!
I hope everyone else had a great weekend!