Our 2nd year of dance! You can see last years photos HERE
We started a little late this year. But Kennedy grew so much in the short months left in the dance year.
I remember her first day back, someone said "it isn't like she is going to learn the dance by recital"

I of course didn't tell Kennedy such a thing, but boy did she blow that out of the water. 

Her love & passion for dance has completely soared this year! She memorized her dance in about 2 months, & was doing it without music! I couldn't believe it. She would see other girls being able to do certain things & would keep practicing til she could do them. She is so much more flexible than she ever was by stretching every day. She will ask to stretch at night! I am just SO proud of her.

When you put your children in these things you just never know how THEY are going to like. & she has showed me just how much she loves it!

Next year start a whole new chapter for her in dance. She joins the competition team & adding Jazz into her classes! She said she wanted to "shake her booty" this year, so I think she is going to be able to do that ;) & Kensley starts up ballet this fall as well! 

This years dance was so perfect & was to "A Spoon Full of Sugar". Mary Poppin is the girls' favorite movie! 

Anyway here is the pics that you want to see :)