Hey you!
I thought maybe you needed to hear this today.
Your sink is full of dishes, you look at it & think how is it possible it is already full? Wasn't it just empty.
You were just caught up on laundry & now? Baskets full. & the clean ones you had put away are thrown across your childs floor, because well I don't know why but they emptied every.single.drawer.
You cant even get started about thinking cleaning the house..again. You can actually feel it getting dirty.

You are trying to figure out dinner tonight, before your husband gets home. & you just don't want to. Where will you find the energy?

You feel like you have ran marathon by just trying to get out the door to make it to dance/soccer on time.

You are thinking to your self you just want to get to bedtime, if you can just make it to bed time.

Just make it to bedtime, you keep saying.

& now maybe you're in bed yourself. maybe you're sitting on your couch drinking wine. or maybe your hiding in the bathroom because even though you put your children to bed they are still up.
Youre wondering if you cut out for this. There is always too many dishes, another accident, and its seem like every other momma has it figured out. they seem so..together.

You are waiting for a encouraging text or call from your spouse or friend to tell you "everything is going to be okay" but your phone doesn't ring.

You want to quit. You think it doesn't matter & no one notices that sink full of dishes or that you were up to 1 AM folding those clothes & putting them back into your sleeping toddlers drawers. You feel over looked, & after sitting in your car crying, head on the steering wheel from breaking up the millionth fight in the backseat, you realized you forgot the damn redbox AGAIN . Its been 2 weeks & could have just bought the damn movie by now. You  want to throw in the towel put up that white flag. you want to scream you have had enough. 

You're thinking that you couldn't possibly do this motherhood thing anymore and that you really dont matter or make a difference and that you are never ever going to catch up on laundry.

But you happen to open your phone/tablet/laptop to this message for me to you that YOU..right now..in your chair,bed or bathroom; matter more than you understand.
You, your life, your sore voice from screaming for the millionth time to go to bed, you're ever giving, loving beautiful heart matters.

There is going to be days & weeks & sometimes longer that are just plain hard.

But you can do this, I know you can.

You can be a mom today. 
You can look at your child & tell them you love them, even if you can still remember the way they just screamed at you & threw a mega fit.  You love them unconditionally. You make them their macaroni & cheese, get out their favorite juice even if you remember & can still feel the sticky-ness on the floor from yesterday when one dumped their whole bowl on the table & the other squirted the juice all over the floor. YOU love THEM, like no one else ever will.

You think you have messed up. But look at all that you do. All the good. The sitting up with you child after a bad dream. The making the perfect lunch with all their favorites. the wiping faces, & bottoms. the reading . the folding clothes. watching them sleep. surprising them with their favorite movie after dinner. finding their favorite shirt to wear. hanging up the picture made just for YOU. the time you let them stay in the bath as long as wanted. remember when you let them finger paint? They will.

You may want to quit. But take that white flag back down. YOU are the perfect momma to those children. you CAN do this.

I believe in you. & I think you are BEST momma.
& God made you for your children. HE choose YOU for them. No one else. YOU.