It slowing creeping up to us!
I am starting to decorate & my mind is going crazy with Valentines ideas!
I know some don't really count this as a holiday, but ANY holiday is a holiday at our house. If it gives us a reason to decorate, do a fun craft & a fun outfit we are the first to sign up!

I always look finding great holiday movies to gear up to the holiday!
These are great, wholesome shows {which is so hard to find anymore} that is themed for Valentines Days!

My girls love all these characters & even more so getting them excited for Valentines!
Some are funny, & some have great stories about loving each other!


 1. Max & Ruby, Max's Valentine//2.Clifford, Be My Big Red Valentines//3.Franklin, Franklin's Valentines//4.Veggie Tales, Lettuce Love One Another//5.Winnie the Pooh, A Valentine for You//6. A Charlie Brown Valentine//7. The Bernstein Bears, Count their Blessings//8. Word World, My Fuzzy Valentine