1. "Are you going to try for a boy?"
While having another child is sadly off the table for us, another girl would bring us so much joy as would a boy.

2. "ALL girls? Poor dad. You must be miserable. I hope at least the dog is boy."
Yes. People. People, we don't even know, have apologized to my husband that he has all girls. Like he had some kind of life altering illness. While I can't speak for him at the moment, you know because he's out buying us nail polish right now {just kidding} I know he would say he is more than happy with ALL his girls & wouldn't change it. The balance of male/female in our house suits us perfectly.  & guess what our dog IS a girl too!

3. "Girls are so emotional"
There is really no debate about this. We are scientifically more emotional than the male gender. But last I checked males can be just as emotional. Have you seen when a mans "team" has or better yet has NOT won the super bowl? & I dare you to take away that nerf gun from that 4-year old little boy & say that.

4."All girls? Bless your heart."
Thank you! I am so blessed.

5."Just wait til their teenagers"
While teenage years are in fact rough. There is just as many trails & tribulation while raising a teenager that is male. Another stereotype we can thank "Mean Girls" & Miley Cyrus for.

6.. "They are going to have lots of boyfriends"
As strange as it is for a complete stranger to be talking about such things, lets not feed into more stereotypes that every girl is a provocative, boy crazed teenage girl. There are plenty of young girls that are too busy with school & activities to have serious boyfriends.

7. "Boys are so much easier than Girls"
Is one sex really "easy"? Is raising any child ever easy? I bet those with all boys would probably say the same thing about having girls.

8. " I bet they have daddy wrapped around their finger"
We fall hard into this stereotype. Because they do, they really do. But I know our boy would be walking out of the store with whatever he asked for too.

9. Girls are so expensive.
Sigh. Aren't all children expensive? Each has activities, hobbies & their likes that cost money.

10. DRAMA.
Again have you taken that nerf gun away yet? Males can be JUST as dramatic as females.

Put all the sarcasm & blatant obnoxiousness from complete strangers, I love my girls
&  wouldn't change what these amazing GIRL blessings in my life. 
But I know I would feel just as blessed with if they boys as well.
Raising our children is hard no matter if they are girl or boy!