I think everyone one likes to start off the new year fresh!
& alot of you, myself included wants to start it off by organizing things!
Its a great goal to start the new year!
We have TONS of DVDs we are big movie buffs. 
My husband came into the relationship with alot & we have basically every Disney movie known to man & its growing.

DVDs take up SO much room. We are running out of room.
So this solution helps alot!
I think a binder would help as well! But I have these cute boxed from Ikea so I put them to use!

I keep the Disney covers in a box in the attics but the rest I pitch! 

There is a box for the kids & for adults.

Then in the inside. I just took small card stock card & wrote out the alphabet so they DVDs are easy to find.

Then with the kids movies, since my two can't read yet & over half of our Disney movies are plain gray with the name, it makes it hard for them to pick the movie they want.
So most of the movies come with one of these insert in the inside of the movies, or you could use the front cover or print off the Internet.

Cut the size of the holder & voila! 

Hope this helps yall with your space like it did me!!