I've been wanting to do this trip for a couple years now. But always miss tickets.
These things sell out quicker than, well I don't know but REAL fast! & now about a year in advance!
When I had a reminder pop up on my phone this summer I clicked "ignore" & thought whattt polar express? Then about 2 weeks later, I saw a picture of a real train & it clicked THE POLAR EXPRESS!
I called Brandon & was complaing I couldn't believe I forgot. When he was at work he some how snagged us tickets!! I couldn't believe it! We didn't get the first class we wanted but it ended up great! & with Brandon taking the week off, only date left was on that week! It was perfect!

In case you missed the previous post, our elf suprised the girls tickets!
The actual railroad doesn't give tickets, besides at will call so I got these printed HERE

The whole experience was seriously magical.
We got the books ahead of time & were even able to snag two signed copies by the author!!
We read/listened the book on the way down. We had a 4 hour drive.

When we arrived they had the soundtrack from the movie playing. I got goosebumps. & the girls were jumping up & down chompping at the bit to get in there while I was redoing their pigtails from having car seat head :P

We had THEE best weather. I was so afraid of how I was going to keep them warm. But they were able to wear no layers just their jammies & we sweating with almost 70 degree weather!!

 We got there pretty early & did some activities & checked out the gift shop!
writing a message to santa

Then it was time to get lined up!
I don't want to be biased but we had the best elves on the whole train!
One remembered our girls names the whole time. They had them singing, well all of use singing & were so fun! Seriously part of experience was these fabulous girls! 

Bless poor Kensleys heart.This about where she started to give out. She didn't sleep once during the drive after getting up pretty early for her. The rest of the trip, which I thought for sure she would fall asleep on the train she just kind of sat back & admired. Which is normally her personality but she was less spunky about it.

The movie music played & the conductor came & punched out their tickets really fast & over their head!
Kennedy turned to me disappointed & said "mom there is no letters" ha!

waving bye!!

 Next, can you guess?
Hot Hot Hot, Hot Chocolate!
Somehow after charging my video camera all day the day before my camera was completely dead.
The "elves" came back out in chef attire & as the song "hot hot hot hot chocolate" came on from the movie, they danced the halls & gave out coco & cookies! Which were delicious!!

  We stopped at the North Pole & guess who came aboard?!

 He of course gave out the first gift of Christmas!
Kennedy was very serious on making sure she & all of use could hear it.
Can you hear it ring? Do you believe?
The bell was engraved with "The Polar Express" the year. A true keepsake.

 The rest of the time we sang & danced.

Thanks to daddy for this great capture of facials..

Some character sightings!

The Conductor.

The engineers.

We had the absolute best time. It was truly magical & I am so grateful we are able to do things like this for our children. The light in their eyes I will hold onto forever.
We didn't even get out of parking lot because Kensley was asleep & Kennedy soon after!

See you next year Polar Express!!
Thanks for the memories!!