Are Christmas cards starting to come in?
Don't you ever look at all of the beautiful cards & think what should I do with these?

Here is a great way to get a fun craft in & display those Christmas cards!

What you will need:
a bag of clothes pins, I got the standard bag at the store & it was plenty
paint of your choice
wire hanger 

First, paint your clothes pins!
The girls helped me paint mine! I used a craft paint but spray paint would be great too!!

we chose silver & gold. that is the color of our chChristmasecor! but think of the possibilities! RED & GREEN!

While that is drying, up ravel your wire hanger,
Needle nose pliers worked great for this!!

Ok, next after your clothes in are dry. You want to thread the clothes pins through the wire hanger.
Having the hanger go through that hole in the clasp. Like below:

this is before i realized I need the beaded to make the wreath a actual circl
Now add a bead, & alternate clothes pins & bead for the read of the length of the wire hanger leaving a few inches at the bottom!
Over lap those two wires & glue um' together!

Then, take the ribbon you choose & tie it around! You can leave it as that & hang it with a wreath holder, but I took some more ribbon to make a small lead for it hand from!!

TADA! Isn't it beautiful!!

If you are still scurrying about for Christmas cards, you still have another day or two to order everything from places like Shutterfly