I am always taking about the  many moments I dreamed of through our struggle of becoming parents. And this one was a pretty big one to me. The programs.
Does it get much better than to get your child all dolled up & see them up on that stage. 
SO proud of what they have worked on to show YOU?

 When I saw on our newsletter that they would be having one I was SO excited!
& then one day a couple weeks ago, Kennedy started belting out "away in a manger" like word for word! I said "wow you know that really well, where did you learn that? {we had barely started listening to Christmas music}" She started crying & said "OH NO! it was supposed to be a surprise for our mommies & daddies at our program!" I assured her it would be ok to practice at home!

When I got the program for the, uh, program. I read she was an angel! How fitting ;)

When she walked across that stage, I couldn't be more proud. There's our girl!

I imagined my child, up on stage. Waving, HI MOM!
& here we were. On a cold December night. With one daughter on my lap & another, up there. On stage. Waving ever so sheepishly, HI MOM! 
My heart soared!

 She did do good! There was a time or two, or three or five that she was distracted by the kids behind her. & I may have even caught her lip syncing! HA!

She kept looking at me & posing every chance she got!

There was times she sang her little heart out, & times she didn't at all.

 & it couldn't have been anymore perfect.
In all of it's imperfection!

The video montage at the end of their school year thus far, about did me in.
I can't not believe I have a child, in school & had a Christmas program.

It was everything I ever hoped it to be!
I can't wait to see both my girls up there!