We took a couple-day-cation to Chicago for a last little getaway of the summer  before kennedy starts preschool!

Our first day, was the most perfect weather.
Fall like, with a bit of a chill. But still warm.
There was also very low clouds which, the girl thought was pretty cool!

As soon as we got checked-in our first stop, of course, was The American Girl Place!
Kennedy has the American Girl Bitty Twins & Kensley has the American Girl Bitty Baby! But now kennedy is asking for a "real big girl american doll, mom" for her birthday! So we might just make the trip in November for her birthday!

Our Girls of the year ;)

Then it was time for the hair salon!
While Kennedy's doll was getting her hair done, Kensley looked a little sad.
As I was explaining how her bitty didn't have any hair to do but the stylist asked her if she wanted her babies done, put her up in chair & just sprayed her head & wiped her down. Which, embarrassingly obviously needed to be done pretty badly because boy was she dirty! It made Kensleys day!

no love. haha kennedy trying to put her arm around Kensley.

Each girl got a outfit for their baby!

Outside the Lego store!

For Dinner we had Chicago style Pizza, YUM!

We did mostly walking our first day, we had more planned like seeing the bean ect. but decided to just head back to the hotel!
The girls were awful to get down, so we had to turn off everything in the hotel room for them to fall asleep. Once we thought we were ok to turn everything back on, we looked at their bed & saw this.
They are too perfect. I still can't believe they are mine.

Upon looking for breakfast places in the city, I found out about Yolk & couldn't wait to try it!
Boy were the reviews right! SO good! If you are every in Chicago or Indy you have to stop & eat!
I got french toast made of Banana Nut bread with Bananas & the girls got smores & oreo pancakes! Brandon was boring and doesn't like topping so he got boring pancakes with bacon & sausage!

Of course, since we don't have one near us; we went to the disney store!

Hi I am Olaf and I love warm hug! 

They had a "art of animation" drawing class! Kennedy wanted to join. They grew Mickey! She did it completely by herself & I was pretty impressed!

Final Product

She got a frame & lanyard!

The castle is their favorite!

Kensley Last year in the castle! She has grown so much!

Next up was the navy pier!

On the ferris wheel!

Lunch at Bubba Gump!

Trolley ride back to the hotel!
Kennedy said "its just like trolley off daniel tiger!"

Pictures on the side of Trump tower!
Our Hotel is right behind us in the background!

It was a great end of the summer getaway!
We can't wait to go back!