While we were down in Brandons hometown we decided to take a little drive to the Creation Museum.
In case you don't know what it is: "The state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers" 

In this post, Ill tell you why we loved it, what I didn't like; & why we wont be back with the girls anytime soon.

Kennedy is crazy obsessed with dinosaurs right now, so that & the bible backing to the whole museum we felt like it would be great to do as a family!

Walking in they really give you the "awe" factor! The dinosaurs are moving & making noises!
Not to mention there is even some real animals in the lobby when you first walk in!
Everything look & sounded SO real!
We all kept looking at each other saying "this is SO awesome"!

The further on we went it got more bibical, which I loved.
But there was ALOT of reading.
Like, Alot.

Fossilized Dino Eggs
The "Garden of Eden" was beautiful, again everything look SO real. 

We got to see & learn alot about Noah's Ark! I loved being able to show the girls this stuff instead of just pictures in bible story books! This was one of my favorite exibits!

As the musuem went on (its very large) there was more & more reading. 
tip: If you are going make sure you potty BEFORE going into the main part, if your in the middle you have to go thru alllllllllllllll of the exbitis to get back or go thru all the rest to get to the end.

Then we hit this, about 2-3 room exhibit about the "world is not safe anymore" & "without God".
Let me first say, I get it. This was their shock value. This is for the non-believer. It is to witness to people.

BUT, as a museum that promotes themselves as to be mostly child oriented & for the already believer these rooms should have a way around them or a warning. We had no clue what was ahead as we entered the dark hallway. There was strobe lights, & sirens & screaming & pictures of magazine covers with babies with blood from abortions then in the next room floor to ceiling pictures of many things I didn't want to explain to my toddlers like a man shooting up, or a woman screaming while getting a abortion. YES PICTURES.
Not only my girls but other children twice the age of my girls were scared covering their ears & burring inside their parents sides trying to get out of these rooms.

Needless to say we booked it as fast as could to get it, with the girls terrified.

We regrouped & anxiously looks for the "Dinosaur Den" We were surprised again at how much the museum had promoted dinosaurs {all of their signs, outside, the lobby} that was really all we had seen of them!
We finally found it & was little disappointed it was only a few dinosaurs up in a hallway! But of course it housed a T-REX so both girls were pretty ecstatic!

Next was to go outside to gardens & to the petting zoo!
There is also ziplines, but we of course didn't do that!
The gardens were beautiful! 
& huge! So much grounds & some fun rope bridges to cross!
The petting zoo was awesome!
We were there on a sunday, so they weren't running them but every other day they have camel rides which I know the girls would have loved!

Heck of a underbite eh?

The got to feed lots of different animals!
Including a cross between a donkey & zebra! Who knew?!?!

All in all, am I glad we went? Yes
Do I think I was worth the over $60 admission? No
Will we back? Not until the girls are much older, then I feel like it would be alot more age appropriate & a great learning tool!