Well we marked one off! I revised it a little & put alot; cause Lord knows we will be back again & again this summer! Here is some pictures from our first zoo visit of the season.

I only now realize we didn't get any pictures of sister snoozing away in the stroller. She only woke up to nurse & get changed once so here is one of her right before we dressed her to leave! One of her many minor struggles we have had with sister is being able to control her temp from being a little early so she is LOVING this 85+ degree weather! Evidence:

Bug is kinnnnda a monkey addict recently due to her Curious George addiction so when she saw some in real life? holy peas. Girlfriend was excitied!

"es oh mun-kees mommas!"

I thought they didnt like water? Homeboy got IN the water to fetch some popcorn.?!?!
Different monkeys in the African Safari, this is the "ohhh-there is a baby mun-kee over there" :P
I die. Look at their matching feets.
Whats a momma gotta do to get a good pic?
Again, with the pictures girlfriend. Obviously momma got the memo.
The carosel may or may not have been a huge hit ;)
it took some major bribing & around 10 mins to get her out of the tree house!
Also? all the DQ's are gone from the zoo! They had pizza instead. One guess who was super happy about that?

After what seemed like forever in fountain we headed to the "oats" aka goats!
I was super excitied to see her with them since I grew up with them & we will be getting some when we move to our next house!

"SIT" haha

Ended the day with talking daddy into getting her a "kitty"