Our floorboards are filled with sand, the coolers ice cubes are now water, our shoulders are pink & now
"spend a day at the beach" is crossed off our list!

Oh it was fun, so much fun!
This was Kennedys first time to any beach.
It took a little persuasion but she got in the water, eventually walked ON the sand & LOVED IT!
We didn't end up staying as long as we wanted, we wanted to grill out & make a whole day of it but, it got up to 92 & we were just so hot & Kennedy was ready for a nap!
Kensley slept in her seat with a neat UV protector net we got just for this occasion.
Kennedy loved being in the water & holding her legs up while I held her hand so the waves would move her all around!
We would count "one two three" & then dip her.
She had a blast & slept like a baby all the way home!
Here our some of my favorite pictures of the day!

she is so observant of other kids! she loves just sitting & watching them!

sandy toes!

Girlfriends got things to say & you WILL hear what shes got to say ;)