I so have so many vivid memories with my little sister, Tiffany. We had such crazy imaginations; we were always up to something & my mom was always happy to help with whatever we would come up with.
There was many tea parties, "club houses", picnics on huge quilts in the middle of the yard & many lessons of "school" in our bedroom.

The moment I found out Kensley was a girl, my dreams of sisterly things Kennedy whirled in my head.

Sure they will have years of adventures together that I will no doubt make tea, sew curtains for tiny windows & pack the most delicious picnic meals for them in years to come.
But what better time then the present to start?

So Friday in the 80 degree weather I pulled out my moms huge quilt that had been handed down to me; grabbed Kennedys favorite snack: grapes & cheese & made a place under our tree in the back yard.

& cranked up our favorite tunes

Sure 2 weeks into having this little baby in our lives there had been times Kennedy has resented this beautiful little human.

But as I sat back, I watched my daughter become a big sister right before my eyes.
& saw so much of the love I have for my little sister beam from her.

It was little things like how she would randomly pet her sisters head while eating her grapes 
or lean over to kiss her on the head, like it was so natural;
that I saw the most wonderful relationship start to form.

Sisters are a special thing my friends.
& last Friday I think bug got a little taste of just how special that is!