Well our internet is up and working again..crossed fingers that it will stay that way! So I will be able to keep everyone updates more! So where to start!

How Far Along: Last appt they said 27 weeks which was last thursday. They keep jumping on me and its driving me insane!

How Big is The Baby: She is 14in and is supposed to be around 2 lbs but she def isn't :(

Total Weight Gain: WELL here is me being angry. As you read my last update, this has been a struggle. I thought for sure I had gained a good 7-10 lbs for Thursday and Dr would be so thrilled. Well I get there...nothing. Im back to my orginal weight pre-baby. I lost about 10 lbs when I was in the hospital for so long and so sick, I gained that back. But havent gained a ounce since. So Dr said I HAVE to gain 5 lbs before my next visit or we will have to figure something out. I dont know what that would be, beings I eat so much. Does anyone know what he would do medically to help me gain weight?

Maternity Clothes: Still just my shorts. I need to get some maternity yoga pants for fall and maybe some jeans if I grow out of my pre-baby jeans with a be-band. 

Gender: GIRL :)

Movement: I am HAPPY HAPPY to report she is back to her normal kickin self :) its so werid not only feeling her move, but seeing it. Kinda creepy, so so amazing! I always say to Brandon "thats our baby! we made this" it puts us both in awe all the time. Her movement& Brandons face/smile dissolves all of our heartache.

Food Cravings: Well last Friday, I HAD to have Fazzolis. Like I HAD to have it so we made the 20 min drive to the city south of us so I could have some breadsticks :)...it was worth it! 

What I Miss: My hips not hurting and back. (not complaining) just saying :)

What I'm looking forward to: getting the rest of her room put together :)

Milestones: If I go into pre-term labor (which heaven forbid I dont but I know she will come at the end of October, I just know.) she is past 24 weeks; and will have a struggle but better chance of making it.

So, did you catch on that I said "the rest of her room"??? :))) YES, we started it. Just paint but still. I CAN NOT BELIEVE we are to this point. I don't know how many time we said while painting, we are painting OUR daughters room. It is so surreal. Ready to seeee???? :)

TADA!!! I did not want ANY pink. So, I went with purple. Although the lighter purple def looks pink but oh well. I love it. It crazy to dream of a nursery for so long, and then to do it in real life! Also, sorry for the poor quality, cellphone. The crib was a gift from our awesome neighbors. They were soooo excited to get it to us. Its not the one i want...at all. But I don't know how not to use it. It really is a perfectly nice new crib. But, I dont know. Brandon says its free, we will keep it and it is new. So we will see. We put it up for my niece while she stayed with us for a week and she seemed to like it. What would you guys do?

Ok, ladies that our about as far along or same as me; how does something not weighting much KILL my back. Litterly, I am in tears some time with back and hip pain! It amazes me. Thankfully my husband is THEEE back massager. And has plently massages to give :) And I am SOO ready for fall to be here! Im over the heat and would love just a little breeze! I swear in the AC!

Here are some recent buys I got Kennedy that I HAD to share 
I went to hobby lobby where they had the supplies to make these! I just got the two for now. But will get a thousands more! I love that you can inter-change the flowers. But I need to get more of the headbands, I have lots more but no pictures.

and tell me this isnt the cutest ever??

Baby Bump pictures:

and is it wrong that i want to be bigger?? I look so small compared to other people. And if i hear one day you will wake up and you will just "pop" or it will happen then you will hate it. NO! I want it now, and I wont hate it. I don't even look pregnant, just beer-guttin it :(

Ok, I know this post was a little all over the place but, next time I wont have to catch up a buncha weeks all in one post. I shall bum-bard you with my over-posting all over again :)