As the week comes to a end, AMEN TGIF! Who else went to Walmart at mid-night to get New Moon??  I just got home from my mini- vaca from Kentucky! While i was there I got "blog stalk" if you will a little bit more after Dr. F had told me that message boards and what not tend to help alot of women, I found blogs. I was excited yet sad that other women were gong through the same things I was & pouring their hearts out for people like me to read. These women I barely know got me through the past week or so, and for that, I thank you. Other than lifting my spirits I also learned so so much. So, with expecting AF any hour now, I'm for once hopeful this cycle that the end result could be a BFP with some of the stuff I have learned!

Now, to the stuff you wanna hear ;)
I had such a blast visiting everyone in Kentucky! My mini-vaca started with my cousin Tammy's big 4-0 birthday party, her surprise gift you ask? ME! haha, she was so surprised & just so excited to see each other!!
I was staying with my Aunt, & so excited to hang out with my younger cousin Michael for a week, it had been to long! Here are some snap shots of my week; more to come later, my camera died & I switched to the good ol BB & having a difficult time with my email server :S anyway ENJOY! :)

The was Tammy's cake, though off my diet, was DEE-LISH! shh don't tell I had a slice ;)

The birthday girl, mid-blow! hehe ;) Wonder what she wished for?!
Aunt Marlene, with Alex, Tammy & her families new puppy, I get so excited when people add a shi-tzu into their family  because I know how much I love mine :)

My younger cousin Ashley & 2nd Cousin Kimberly! :)

My Aunt, Tammy's Mom made candy bar covers that said, "Lordy, Lordy, Tammy's Forty" too cute!
Sleepy Donnie!  hahaha

Miss Emily, the last time I actually got to spend some time with this girly, she was in diapers!!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend :) & to my family thank you so so much for letting me come stay with you guys to get away! & for the mr. gaddy's ;) 
& to my parents and little sister enjoy Florida, I will be here jealous.

there is etsy store (my fav place) & the Little Pink Dollhouse is having a giveaway! Def check her out! :) its super cute stuff!

x's & oh's