So, after I was emailing someone that was asking about one of my dogs, I realized I have never said a word about them! I first should tell you my dogs are my life. Its kind of pathetic, actually. After not working for a year, I spent every hour with them & they are def my lil furry children, & have helped me through alot! So, I will introduce you to my smiles. No matter that I'm going through they make me smile :)

He is my oldest dog, who is now 6. He is a teacup yorkie that has "lil-man syndrome". If your not fimilar with this, it means this dog is about ehh 3 inches of the ground & weights a good 3lbs. & thinks he is a great dane. He rules the roost, & sets all the other dogs straight. If they are barking, or won't get in the cage, he will bite them or round them  up to get them to go in the cage. He is my first little baby, but since he is getting old he generally just sleeps, chases the windshield wipers in the car & barks.....CONSTANTLY!


He was the best birthday present I have ever recieved! But, he wont stop growing. I want him to go to back to the little puppy I had before (the first picture). Bentley, is a shi-tzu. I just know he has begal in him tho, he thinks he is a hunting dog & frequently get lost when not on a leash since he starts sniffin & looks up & does not know where he is! So, unlike the other dogs he has to be on a leash which drives him bonkers. He is almost 2 years old & just learned to bark & hasn't gotten down the whole growling thing yet, which is hilarous. HA he was so spoiled when he was younger he never had to. He also is ahem, "fond" of this giant bunny he has, which he um "dances" (what we tell my nieces) with the bunny for up to 2 hours straight a day. haha He is the dog that will constantly make you laugh with all the silly stuff he does.


I got Amara, a week after my first miscarriage last year on Easter. I had, had dream that my dad had bought me a Pit Bull, & went over to my MIL's and was talking about this dream. She gets this huge smile on her face & said the Pit next door had puppies! I couldn't believe it, I had no idea. So I went over & picked up Amara right away, she was the runt, & you could tell was just a lil sick looking thing. At that moment I fell in love. We of course were not planning on a third dog, but Brandon saw my attachment, and after I left her, he surprised me with taking her home that day. Amara means strength in African. & that is what she was for me when i was mourning. Today, she is still a HUGE baby that thinks she is still 5lbs, she is 57 lbs HA. Did  I meant she snores, louder than a 7 ton man? She is not your "average' pit bull. & people judge her as soon as they hear pit bull,  if you are one of those people, shame on you. Im a firm believer in punish the deed, not the breed. She would never hurt a fly, that & she isn't awake long enough to be a "viscous" creature as the public as portrayed of her breed. I am now a spokesperson for BSL & helping take the status quo away from pitbulls.

So, now you have met my smiles. Yes, I'm quite a dog lady. But, I wouldnt change it for the world :)

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