Good morning to all you ICLW's & regular fololwers!
This is my first time doing ICLW, & I'm excited for you all to read some of my journey! I figure I got all of you involved with this, I should clue you in. Since, I have not told anyone else really, maybe thinking I will jinx it, I do not know. Anyways, yesterday my line did indeed get darker, but still faint at about 9-10 DPO. & then I POAS this morning & got a BFP on a cheap-o. So many things are going through my mind, its amazing how you can be torn from amazingly unbelievably excited, to also being mortified. I think it stinks that after having one or more MC's it takes about from that initial joy. Anyway, I shall test the rest of the week, & sit, wait, wish, & pray! Anyone got a a remedy to make this one a sticky bean??? :p

Pictures when I have a more confident BFP.

The weather is cold this morning, that make me quite sad. I'm hoping it will warm up very soon. This coldness does nothing for my arthritis when it is sunny & warm, then the next day it is cold with the change of flurries! hmmph. Anyway, however you go about your day, I'm hoping you enjoy it & it is wonderful for you! :)

x's & oh's