Monday, June 2, 2014

family pictures 2014

I was going to post just my favorites, but that proved to be entirely too difficult & way too long of post. So I decided to just a make little photo montage for friends and family that live away & cant see them since I am not on facebook!!

I am so in love with these photos, the last time we got pictures taken it was to announce we were pregnant, & even though I absolutely adore those photos, sometimes it stings to look back at them. These photos represent so much to me, a new beginning for us as a family this year, & what better way to represent it than with spring?!
Thanks again to Carrie for doing an amazing job with my crazy family & ill attituded toddlers! XO

Song: Lonestar- From My Front Porch Looking In

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  1. As moms, we always think our own children are the cutest.

    So here I am as a stranger telling you that you have such a beautiful family. Your daughters are just darling. You have been very blessed.


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