Great Wolf posts continue! We had never been to GWL & aside from one friend we didn't know anyone that had been there either! I racked Staceys brain with lots of questions {HI Stacey!} but was really going into the dark on what all there was to do!! So here is a quick guide to what all there is to do at the lodge we stayed at in Traverse City, MI!

1. The Waterpark
I mean obviously. The day of your stay, you can get into the park at 1. Your room may or may not be ready so pack a separate bag of all you swimming stuff to take the locker room incase your isnt ready!
My first questions was what exactly are my kids gonna be able to do at the waterpark being younger. & was it going to be safe. Due to their height they got a little braclet upon going into the waterpark to show that they couldn't ride the big slides, I think there was 2 of those but other than that, they could do anything.
There is a section of the park that is intended for smaller children, & the best part is the lifeguard do an amazing job keeping it small children, like not letting the big kids go down the slides & run & splash the smaller ones! I think the whole pool maybe went up to calf or so? It was wonderful!
On to safety, they have TONS of life jackets & puddle jumpers for you to use. Then, the lifeguards.. They.are.amazing. At first I wasn't sure what they were doing, they nod and walk back & fourth turning around checking "blind spots" it pretty amazing! And everywhere you look there is a lifeguard. I felt like the girls were more than safe.

2. Scoops Spa

This was SO much fun! The girls just got their feet done. & boy did they love it.

They got to pick out their own polish & each "flavor" for their foot scrub & water bomb. Each was either strawberry, chocolate or vanilla! They also got a crown, nail polish to take home & a voucher for ice cream!

If you have girls, I highly recommend this! 

3. Ten Paw Bowling Alley
 This is a great after dinner, before story time activity to kill time! The lanes are short, have bumpers and have the perfect sized ball for little hands! Gosh, Kennedy could have spent all day here! Both girls thought it was so cool to do it by their selves and were actually knocking down pins! ;)

 4. Bear Paw
 I mean everyone had a sweet tooth, & on vacation you wanna indulge! Bear Paw has everything that is sweet and chocolate!

The girls cashed in their ice cream vouchers & mommy & daddy got some to. Because well, when you go in & smell the smell of fresh waffle cones being made; you HAVE to get ice cream...right?

4. Camp Critter {restaurant}
The rain forest cafe was a huge hit with my girls, so when we saw the restaurant we knew they would die. Of course they did. Again just something that makes your stay even more fun! Although I don't how they managed to eat everything on their plate with finding something new every 5 seconds! On top of that, normally with restaurant in resort the food is dull and bland. The food was amazing, so good. Service was horrible, but the food made up for it..kind of.

There is also Hungry  as a Wolf Pizza. Do yourself a favor & get this for dinner or lunch at least once. It is SO good, & only $11 for a large! You can just call it in & pick up, take it back to your room or eat in the lobby by the fire!
Image via Great Wolf Lodge
5. Cookies and Milk
You can add this on when you book online or at the desk when you arrive! It is a extra $7 and money well spent! Having the character come to your door with cookies and milk after storytime is the most exciting thing ever your kid. Trust me. and? The cookies are amazing. Like I may have ate 2.

6. Themed suites
This isn't really something to do, but I wanted to add it. If your budget allows, defiantly look into a themed suite! We gave the girls the choice before the "wolf den" and "kids camp" they choose the camp even though I wanted them to get the den! They had SO much fun, just a extension of the experience! There is a TV and little table in the little "room" and it give a separator for kids that don't fall alseep well with people, or if mom and dad need some privacy!

7. Clock Tower/Lobby
Aside from storytime at night, clock tower show & the wolf walk in the morning, the lobby is the great place to hang out. We went and just by the fire while the girls colored a few times. They also had some games & puzzles behind the desk to play, so ask if your lodge has any for a relaxing activity.

7. Cub Club

Its like a preschool but not. So many acitivtes to do! Places to sit & read, to play and make things! My girls choose to make a pillow case, which they still sleep with and love to this day. There is LOTS of options though, shrits, bags, pottery! Lots of stuff to do!

8. Dunkin Donuts
Doesn't need much explanation. But lets bless the person that thought to put this in the resort. If you think that your kids are exhausted by the end of the day but that is nothing compared to what mom and dad feel! I could probably fall asleep standing up! And if you are coffee drinker get the GWL cup, that gets your free refilled for free during your stay!

I hope this list helps you plan your trip, or give your the nudge to book your trip! There is SO much more to do than the water park! So many memories to be made!