Every fall break I can't imagine going anywhere tropical when we live in the Midwest where everything is becoming so vibrant & colorful for Fall. Fall is my favorite season, everything about it makes my soul happy. Several years back we started doing a cabin getaway during Fall break. It ends up being the best time for our souls to rest, to just be with one another & slow down before the looming holiday rush in the months ahead.

We played games THESE ones are what we packed this year. We spent so much time outside, the weather was beyond perfect. We had the best time and we are ready to take on the holiday season! I can't believe we are just 2 weeks away from Halloween! What could we be this year? Any guesses?

I am currently reading "You Again"

@mrsmumaw The perfect fall getaway to reset our souls before the holiday rush in the coming months. 🍂 #fall #cabininthewoods #fallaesthetic #getaway #cabingetaway ♬ Choking on Flowers - Fox Academy

Vehicle was in park ;)

While there this guy (Hudson) turned 6 months!  

We went to one of the beaches, we hadn't been to on a whim & recreated a photo Brandon & I had taken back in 2008 just little babies. So much life has happened between these two photos. I am so thankful for 4 little people on the other side of the dock that came from those two deeply-in-love kids in the 2009 photo.

Happy Fall Yall! 
Enjoy these last few weeks of fall before the holiday rush!