As the leaves start to change and the days get shorter, it's time for one of the most beloved family traditions - a trip to the apple orchard! This age-old practice of gathering together and picking bushels of delicious apples is the perfect way to start the fall season, creating memories that will last a lifetime. But it isn't just about the apples - it kicks off the fall season for us which is one of our favorite times of the year! This year we had my cousin's daughter, Malina with us which made it even more special.  We love  turning our pickings into homemade treats, usually apple crisp & apple pie! Back when the girls were younger I had time for applesauce & apple butter but I couldn't find the time this year! 

Do you go apple picking? Our orchard used to be dead years ago, now it is always packed & we can hardly find parking. As much as it's a pain, I love seeing all the families out picking!