Disney's Space 220 Restaurant REVIEW

My oldest {the one pictured in the majority of these photos} is the biggest space lover & hopeful astronaut one day, so the announcement of this restaurant she was so excited about. When we found out it would be open for our Walt Disney World trip I knew I had to get reservations. We had told her to not even think about going because they would be too hard to get. But, little did she know we had snagged one to surprise her with! Her reaction was amazing. {video of us telling her & other parts of the restaurant below}

Here I will tell you everything you need to know about the brand new Epcot Space 220 restaurant including the Space 220 menu, what we ate, if it was good & of course the pressing question... if it's worth the cost! This is the review you need to read before you go!

Let's start with: 

What is Space 220?

Space 220 is one of the newest restaurants to open on Disney property! It is located in Epcot at Walt Disney World! It's right on the other side of Mission Space in the Space Pavilion, in Future World West. The name is Space 220 because the restaurant simulates dining in space & traveling 220 miles away to eat there.

I know what you are thinking... simulates dining in space? How? Boy, am I glad you asked.

Space 220 is all about the experience. Yes, spoiler alert, the food is amazing. But, you aren't dining at Space 220 for the food. First, you start your experience by checking in outside of the restaurant. You may see a long line. This is for the people hoping to snag a walk-in. If you have a reservation, walk on by & check-in. They then will send you on through toward the back. {Note: you can take your stroller all way with you to this point, so you won't need to keep your stroller out in the Future World stroller parking} Once you enter the automatic sliding doors you head to the desk where they give your space station boarding pass. You wait your turn to board the elevator that will take you to the space station. This didn't take long at all.

Next, was one of the coolest parts of the experience and that is riding the elevator. As you enter, you give them your boarding pass. You can watch on the top and bottom as the elevator goes 220 miles into the air. As you are holding the bar you can feel the rumble and simulated movement as you go up. As you are watching yourself go up higher to the space station, you can see the shape of Flordia and even before that above everything in Epcot as things get smaller & smaller. This was very cool to see, the entire family loved it. As you get near the space station, you see it come into view overhead as you land then the doors open & you are led to the hallway which brings you to the dining room.

There is a really neat revolving garden as you pass by that is labeled "your food".

Then the big wow. The most amazing part of the entire experience. Walking into the dining room with panoramic windows for you to look into outer space. Earth is visible in the distance, space shuttles go by, even astronauts make some appearances. 

What was really neat is our dinner was just before sunset. So as we went up the elevator & entered the dining room to see earth it was light. But as the dinner went on, it got dark. Earth through the windows reflected that & showed the lights from earth. On the way down it also was dark & showed the lights from Flordia & Epcot lit up. It was mindblowing!

It truly feels, what I imagine, like actually going from earth to space.

There are defiantly better seats than others, but really every table has a great view. There is also now lounge reservations which is toward the upper part of the dining room {not as great of a view} but an easier reservation to come by. However, note that the menu is different. & there is a bar.

Space 220 Reservations

Okay, Okay so I am sure you all want to go now right? Space 220 reservations can be made on the My Disney Experience app or on the Disney World website. Everything books up extremely fast & far out. This is one of those reservations that is tough to get & probably will be for some time as it's the newest of restaurants & so neat. 

If you can't get reservations, remember how I mentioned that line out front? You can always try to walk up & see if they have anything available. 

Let's break down food at Space 220

- Adult Dinner {ages 10+} $79 and includes one appetizer, one entree & one dessert
- Adult Lunch = $55 and includes one appetizer and one entree

- Kids Lunch or Dinner = $29 and includes one entree, one dessert, & one drink. We added a fun drink that had pop rocks {moon rock drink} to their meal which was $12 and came in a fun rocket cup & a pack of collectible trading cards. However, you can add the cup for $5 to a normal included drink as well.

NOTE: Since this is a pre fixe menu and an unique dining experience it is a longer meal. It took us about 2 hours til completion. Something you will want to know and plan for with fireworks and ride reservations. 

What did we order from Space 220?

My husband & I both got pretty much the exact same things. Looking back we should have at least gotten different appetizers because they are HUGE. We were genuinely full after just the first course.
We ordered {all pictured below}:
Starry Calamari
8 oz. Filet Mignon
I got the Chocolate Cheesecake & my husband got the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake
I also ordered Atmospritz which had a cotton candy "cloud" it. {such a fun presentation, clip of it in the video below}

Our girls {ages 11 & 9} ordered: 
Space-Ghetti {comes with a chicken meatball}
Moon Rocks Drink
Cosmic Cupcake

Is Space 220 worth the cost?

For our family, absolutely. Do I think we will eat here every Walt Disney World trip? Probably not. This is kind of like eating at the castle. I really recommend doing it at least once. The experience alone was worth the money for us. It was a cherry on top that the food was great as well. Taking in the factor that our middle is a space addict, we thought it was well worth the cost. If you are still wanting to experience but worried about cost, you could do a lounge reservation instead.

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