Most Used Baby Products 0-3 Months 

Back at it with our favorite most used products 3 months in! I can't believe I am writing this & Bo is already this old. You would think having a 9 & 10-year-old at home I would know just how fast it goes, but it really makes no difference how many kids you have or how long it's been. You still marvel and mourn at how quickly the days go by!

I wanted to share these new products with you all that we have loved for the past 3 months but I also thought it would be neat to update you on what we are still using from my "Most Used Product The First Month" post {linked here if you have to go back & read} I am happy to report that pretty much every product we still use weekly if not daily & love. I use the Haaka very very rarely now because my milk has regulated itself. & I will say we aren't using the shusher as much, mostly because I keep it diaper bag because I am afraid of not having it the rare times we are going out with him & we have white noise in the house. I still wouldn't want to not have it, but it isn't used as much daily in the house. I have been asked the most about an update on the use of the Momaroo & we still use it daily! He takes his mid-afternoon nap in it every day!  I really have tried to only buy products that are quality & not trendy that isn't used for a couple weeks & forgotten ... so far, so good! 

1. Bibs

Listen one day, your baby is just gonna be a massive drool box. & if they are anything like mine spit up a lot! I love love these bibs! They are a spin on the traditional bib I remember for the girls & a little cute with a handkerchief look. They are crazy absorbent, so soft & very affordable! They also wash so well! I bought 2 packs for a variety of colors to match his outfits! LOL 

2.  Sloth

If you read my tummy time toys post {linked here} you aren't shocked this also made the list. {As well as all the other toys mentioned there but only mentioning on here} Mr. Sloth is Bo's favorite thing! So many of you have purchased him too from seeing him in my stories & babies {& toddlers} love him as well!

3. Toy Arch

Little after the 2-month mark, wake windows are longer & Bo was getting more bored. I needed a toy arch for his bouncer but the Baby Bjorn arch was $60. That's just silly. I got this guy & it's great because you can put it on anything & adjust. I put it on his bouncer, stroller & his car seat while parked waiting in the carpool! {Reminder to not leave these things on car seats while in motion as it is dangerous} He loves it, it keeps him entertained & content!

4. OogieBear

 Listen, it's not the most glamourous thing but it's a must-have! You use this for getting out boogies or anything in ears! Their nose is so small & sometimes you just need to grab & not use a full-out sucker {Bo hates it, as most babies do} It's also a great alternative to q-tips! They even make one with a light on it!

5. Hatch

Another product from my first-month must-haves I had to bring over to this post. This magical white noise machine is a gift a God & I will never go to another baby shower without gifting it!  Just trust me.

6. Owlet

Still loving the peace of mind this brings! It comes with 3 sock sizes which have been so great as Bo just sized up! We plan on using it until he's a year.

7. Barefoot Dreams Baby Blanket

Turns out babies love boujee blankets just like us! LOL Ya'll this blanket makes Bo's eyes roll in the back of his head when you give it to him. It is crazy, next-level soft. He has the Mickey & Minnie versions {because obviously}but they have so many different designs! 

8. Grasp/Teething Toy

Every.Thing. goes into his mouth. This is from my grasping & teething toys post {read that HERE} This is one of his favorites that he was able to use sooner than others as he closer to 3 months & grasping got easier. 

9. Bath Toy

The Easter Bunny brought Bo this for the bath. It is the perfect size for his little hands & he loves holding and chew on it in the bath! I know he is going to love it as he is able to sit up & play in the bath, too! Plus, it's SO cute!

10. Hand-up Swaddle

If you follow me on Instagram {follow me HERE} you will know the transition from not swaddling has been rough. This swaddle is a great in-between transition swaddle! It keeps movement & their natural sleep position with their hand up & still keeps them feel secure! He sleeps great in it! 

11. Hand Puppets

Play at this age can be tricky. They are bored but they can't play play & most entertainment has to come from us! These puppets have offered lots of playtime & entertainment! Of course, you don't need them to be Disney but obviously, in this house, they are ;) 

12. Little Planet

I am in love with this organic line of clothes. They are so so soft & so affordable. The pants "grow with me" as they have a fold-over waistband. 

13.  NightLight

I brought this one over from my one-month post as well as it is probably the most used item of all time. I use it every day with Bo. If we get up in the middle of the night to feed. To find a paci. When laying him after I rock him in his room. I use it for personal use too! It turns on just by tapping it & it's also dimmable but how long you hold your hand on top. It can light up the whole room! It's another item I will gift at every baby shower!

14. Teether

This thing looks like an alien & I don't know what it is but it's amazing! You've probably caught seeing it in Bo's hand in stories.  He perfectly grips it & loves sucking on it. The reviews are incredible! Babies that don't take pacis love it & moms are swearing by it for teething!

15. OtterRoo

I was very very skeptical of the is product off the bat. It doesn't look remotely safe but I kept seeing parents raving about it. So I deep-dived into research. I found out it is perfectly safe, in fact the same type of product is used for spinal cord injury patients for therapy. We have the newborn & sized up when we went to Florida! I will be sad when he grows out of it. He absolutely loves it! & It also works great to wear him out before bed ;) 

16. Doona

GAME. CHANGER. Ya'll THIS STROLLER! I feel so still I have an expensive car seat just sitting after barely 2 months of use after we got this. I never use our Nuna anymore & pretty much only use the Doona. It is so so convenient & we love it so much. I have a full review coming with pros & cons if you are in the market! Make sure to check back!