Tummy Time Must-Haves 

7 Of Our Favorite Tummy Time Toys

Tummy time takes a lot of our time during the day. Some babies love it, some babies hate it. But, they all gotta do it!

First time mom wondering what tummy time is? It's basically when you place baby on their belly for a few minutes several times a day while awake. You can start the day you come home from the hospital with baby. What does it do? it helps with developing a strong neck and shoulder muscles, trains hand eye coordination and promotes motor skills. It can also prevent the back of your baby's head from developing flat spots {positional plagiocephaly} 

First thing is first though, everything I am going to mention, you do not need. Tummy time can be done on a blanket on the floor with nothing else. We have & still do this. You can use a rolled towel as a wedge. Getting down, talking and singing will probably be your babys favorite thing, these things are all just fluff. Extra that make it a little more entertaining and enjoyable. But certainly not needed!

1. Activity Mat

A mat is a great thing to have to designate a tummy time area, or just lay down baby to get things done. I loved the wood aspect of our mat & how neutral it is. It is pretty & not obnoxious in the living room!

2. Sloth

This toy was all over the TV and Christmas ads. The girls wrote to Santa & he brought it for Bo. This is one of his favorite things. It lights up, the arms move & it talks & sings. Highly recommend.

3. Activity Keyboard

I love this thing. It can either be flat on the ground or propped up. It lights up & sings. Also, has 3 language options, if you are trying to have a tri-lingual baby or something :P It already provoking him to reach and hit the keys! Will be a great toy even into sitting ect.

Listen, I am not sure if the love for Mickey is just in his blood but this toy provokes so much joy from Bo it's unreal. He reaches, grabs, shakes this thing so well! It really is working his motor skills unlike any other toy. I think the high contrast colors make it really appealing for them. We hung it on his activity mat & on his swing. The ears are also crinkle paper so it's great to just hand them as toy. They have Minnie & other Disney characters! 

For extra stretch or for babies that seem to not like tummy time, starting with a Boppy helps a lot! I loved using this when all 3 were teeny.

6. High Contrast Flash Cards

I can't stop singing these cards praises! I know you think these things don't do anything but they stimulated Bo at just a couple weeks old. We have moved onto the next pack with red & yellow & they make him go crazy. He "talks" & laughs & gets his whole body moving! 

Babies love mirrors & it really helps with tummy time! Bo gets so excited seeing himself! This mirror also has things to look at that are high contrast & has some things to grab! No worries, the mirror is baby proof & shatter proof!

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this list & maybe got some ideas for yourself for tummy time with you babe! Do you have a favorite tummy time toy you love? Let me know!

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