What I am Loving Wednesday 

This month's What I am loving Wednesday is a mix of things! I wanted to try to include things we are loving at home during this time! A few of these would be great for Easter baskets, too! Some I have mentioned before, but I love them so much I wanted to put them in a dedicated post!!

What we are really loving right now is playing tons of games! If you missed last weeks posts which is a list of games to play together as a family you can read it HERE!

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This thing is so simple but keeps the girls entertained for hours! I don't love the cards that come with it, but you can find more that I have saved to do with it HERE! They mostly love coming up with their own things to create, but looking at pictures & designing it is such a great activity for younger ones & pinching the bands ect is great for fine motor skills!

Are ya'll recovered from seeing me do this on IG stories twice now? I freaking love this mask! It makes you look like your face is a dried our raisin that is melting, but after you wash it off-- I swear it is like instant botox at home! It comes with 8 packs & a brush to apply it!

3. Little Fires Everywhere

I am obsessed with this show right now. The episodes do not come out fast enough for me! I read the book & even if you have, it is still super entertaining! Everyone does amazing acting in it! It's currently streaming on Hulu! I think 4 episodes so far!

Okay, after you have done that mask you are going to want to moisturize. Now listen, I love quality skincare. I love oils & serums so much more than I do any type of cream. I have spent soo much money on expensive serums, & yes they do work. But, this stuff is SOO affordable & I am telling you what within a month, it has completely changed my skin! It helps my extremely dry skin, I see my sun spots fading & fine lines diminishing. I know that sounds like a lot of stuff to come from an affordable skincare brand, but trust me!

I got this for my niece for Christmas & my girls! It is so much to just sit on the floor & scoot back & fourth. Think of it almost like air-hockey but for your feet! You could actually put it on a long table & push it back & forth if you wanted!

These blankets are the best! I give them as gifts all the time & everyone can never stop thanking me! If you come over, everyone fights over these blankets! They are so so soft & cozy! Great for all these days we will be lounging!

I don't know who enjoys this more, the kids or us adults! We got Kensley this for Christmas & the entire family has gotten so much use from it! You control it with your phone/iPad kinda like a remote control car, but they also have different features you can play around with! We have fun making obstacle courses with it & trying to get Lolly {our cat} to chase it. No luck yet though. I highly, highly recommend getting some sort of case for it! We got this one & it holds everything together & keeps it safe!

I have talked about these on stories before but it's worth sharing again for those homes with kiddos. These were another gift from Christmas, that has gotten a TON of use. The "stones" are made of a really soft rubber/foam. The girls put them out & jump from stone to stone playing the floor is lava! It's fun for my aged kiddos & it has so many benefits for younger toddlers too, like balance ect.! I keep them in this bag for easier storage than the box they come in!

I found this to organize all of Kennedy's scrunchies! It keeps them all in one place & I think it looks cute too!

10. Mrs. Meyers Peony Spray

If you like the smell of the ride "Flight of Passage" at Disney World, or just looking for a good spring scent THIS spray is like a spring heaven opened up in your kitchen! The smell is SO good! I also love the candles, but they sell out so fast! I was able to catch a few that came in stock at Walmart a couple weeks ago. My whole house smells divine!

Hope you loved this weeks what I am loving!
Until next time!